Curation is art, own it.

Curation Unchained


Curate virtually anything. There are not restrictions on content type, chain, character count, etc. If you can provide the metadata, you can add it to the list.


Curation on chain means never having to duplicate or migrate a list. Take your list where ever will have them or spin up your own custom frontend.


Crate protocol works well for a single user curated list but it also provides a way to easily scale to multiple contributors while never losing control.


What can be expected

Build Credibility

Noobs can gain influence by voting and proposing correctly, while bad actors get flushed out

Reach Consensus

Token weighted voting allows communities to express what should or should not be listed

Track Reputation

End curator ambiguity. Know your curators and what their taste are with transparent post and proposal histories

Scale Collaboration

Token gated contributions to scale sensibility to other curators

Customize Crates

Crate owners can set length, sort ability, app & list duration, etc. to keep the list true to its original intention

Evolve Lists

List can be finalized or open ended. Public or private listings. To allow your curation to evolve with you